SiS random fanart~~ ^p^ (it's a webcomic by chancake >u< !)

y-yeahhh just a random page from my webcomic ^P^
it only has a page as of now but.. if you wanna visit just go ahead! : DD
i hope i will update it regularly orz

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izayaaa-kunnn doodle

gee I don't even know why I drew Izaya...
seeing as he's not actually my favorite character from DRRR...
I can't seem to get this pose out of my head tho so here's a lame izaya doodle Y-Y!


but it doesn't look as good as it did in my mind /SOBBBBB

*goes to sleep* >3<

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doodle dump # 1


zidaneee~ I wish i could draw him SOB


uhh yeahh hahaha oc pair work ~ ^p^ i draw these two alot haha orz (it's actually a paro of a movie scene but im not sure if any of you can recognize it XDDD)


I'm pretty sure most of you have seen this@DA but.. i think this pic looks better zoomed in idk D:

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Hiiii welcome to my lame blog ^p^ 

umm mostly in this blog there will be doodles, wips, unfinished art and stuff.. I might also post some icons and such and.. umm that's it I guess. orz

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